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Welcome to Game-Events, your simple event manager

Welcome at Game-Events, or GE for short. We are here for you to plan, create and manage your events in a simple and easy way. we are here for all your events, though Game-Events - currently - focusses on events for board gamers. Though this simply means there are currently a bit more features for board gamers. Like being able to create a list of your games and to say in your event which games will be played. It most definately doesn't mean you can't create events for, well, everything you want.

Also: This site makes it easy for you to work with events for groups specifically. The idea is not only that you create your events, but that you create them for a specific audience. Every member can create or join one or several groups and participate in creating and managing events with the other members of this group. Want to create a sub-group? Easy. Want to invite new members? Sure. Need a new group? Go ahead. Just remember that all events are created for a group.

Last, but not least: You are in control. Whether we are talking your events, groups or any other data (think of your profile for example). This site is there for you! So if you are missing features, have ideas or think the existing features can be improved: please let us know. We are always looking to improve our services to you.