Welcome to the Beyond-Control Gaming Community

Beyond-Control, or BC for short, is a small gaming community with it's roots in online gaming. Most of us met in one MMO or another and we kept keeping contact even when we stopped playing those games. Since then we played many other games together and still enjoy our time online together. The group has lost a few members, but also gained many new ones since then.

As the group evolves and changes, so do the games we play. The games tend to be less MMO's and more casual. Although don't be mistaken... we still like MMO's! Also, apart from online games we also meet offline. Once a year we meet-up to game on a small LAN and very regularly we also meet-up to play board games.

We use various ways of communication and not everyone participates in all forms of communication. We set no rule and we have no demands from our members... heck, we don't have a true organisation. We just meet up and have fun when and how we like. No strings attached. This is probably the reason we have existed so long and why people always keep in touch: we are just friends who like to game together.

This particular site is mainly used by the board gaming part of our community. It can be used to set-up events or simply tell the others that you are participating. If you are more of an online gamer than you'll probably want to meet us on Discord, where we arrange those kind of things (usually on the fly).

PC Gaming

The main reason Beyond-Control exists. We have met online and keep to meet online. We have a great diversity of games we play and we like to play em together. We have played MMO's like Entropia Online, EVE Online and World of Warcraft, but also games like Player Unknown Battle Grounds, Fortnight, Space Engineers and also games like Factorio, Terraria and Castle Story. We just love playing games.

Board Gaming

A sizable part of our community lives reasonably close together and decided to meet up in real life as well to play board games. We meet up once or twice a month and play the commonly known games like Catan, Ticket to Ride and Agricola (to name a few) as well as the lesser known games like Scythe, Outlive and Gloomhaven. Many games are being bought and it seems we have more games than we can ever play... not that this stops any one of us from buying more :)

We are on Discord

Where this site helps our board gamers and the with the arrangement of the occasional LAN party, Discord is the place where the (PC) gamers meet up online. We have our 'own' server and you will find us there simply chatting or (arranging to) play a game together.